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Willy the servant- no, janitor- apprentice? Has accidentally turned his magical master into a squirming slimy annelid! Solve magical puzzles and collect arcane ingredients to fix your mistakes and set things right! It's time to earn some RESPECT!

Explore an adorable occult environment and talk to magical mutants, discover artful secrets and beat your best time! Guide Willy through the labyrinth of CASTER DISASTER!


Game Design & 3d Modeling by EvilChris | 
Programming by  Curtonius | @Curtisornot
Character Art and Animation by Wesley's Clavical | @chill_bones
Item Art by Florisam | https://florisam.itch.io/
Item Art by Byutaki | https://twitter.com/Byutaki_
Narrative by NikMacPattyWak | @NikMacPattyWak
Music by Luca Gentilforti | Luca's Spotify

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorDigital Rustic Media
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Comedy, Fantasy, Funny, Hand-drawn, Point & Click, Story Rich, Unity, worm
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


CasterDisaster_Windows.zip 276 MB
CasterDisaster_HTML5.zip 239 MB

Install instructions


  1. Right click the CasterDisaster.zip file and choose "Extract All..."
  2. Select the destination you want for the files and choose extract
  3. Enter the destination folder and double click the CasterDisaster.exe file
  4. Enjoy!


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Dear Team, I am one of the Judges for this Jam, I enjoyed playing the game, and we found the message that you left for us inside the scene about how long it took you to build the game LOOOL . Guys we need to know what's the best way to reach you. We are thinking to add your game to our Bundle 

Hello Ahmed, thanks for the kind words! Feel free to reach out to us at digitalrustic -at- gmail -dot- com!


Just finished my playthrough! Such a lot of fun, thank you to the team for developing such a lovely game! I wish there was a little guide/walkthrough to help when I got stuck, my first playthrough was just under 36 minutes, but I probably could've shaved off roughly 7 minutes if I had seen certain doors better :P Either way, what a fantastic and charming game!

Tommy, thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment for us! The team will definitely be taking that into consideration! 


So excited to work on this project and so proud of all the hard work everyone on the team put in! It came out so charming and fun :) 


This game was absolutely delightful! Punderful writing and puzzles galore! 

This game was so fun to work on, I'm so glad it is finally seeing the light of day. Good job to everybody on the team! It was amazing seeing all of your hard work shine through!